Tribal Scarification

So whilst looking at tribal tattoos I came across this....Tribal Scarification. I have to say I think Tribal scarification looks so much more interesting than the tribal tattoos. It looks like the patterns and pictures have spontaneously grown from within, rather than being put onto the skin. Obviously it hasn't as it is done by scaring but I just prefer the way it looks.
These are some of my favourites-
Scarification on a Nuba woman,
Taken from

This is gorgeous it looks like a top made of strings of mocha beads. I think I might try imitating some tribal scarification with Tuplast.

 Shulluk Tribe
Taken from,tribe/Interesting
 It is tradition in the Shulluk Tribe to have this tribal scarification along your brow line. It is to show that you are from the Shulluk tribe. It kind of looks a bit like a strange wart formation!
Tribal Scarification,
Taken from
Love love love! this image, those eyes have so much feeling in them and the lighting is stunning, it captures all the detail of the scars on this African woman's face.


Here is my attempt at imitating Tribal Scarification, using Tuplast and my concealer palette-

The Tuplast was quite difficult to work with when trying to create just a small blob, as when I pulled the nib away it would create a trail off which I would then have to try and mould back into the blob-like shape.


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